About us

Our professional team gives your employees and customers anti-stress and work-related treatments to reduce work-related stress. We do this at your offices, at a corporate event (convention, trade show, conference, fair, team-building activity, staff party or as an incentive) or any other location of your choosing.

Absent employees cost time and money. This is exactly why you’ll want to prevent absenteeism as much as possible. Work pressure and deadlines bring stress with them, placing huge demands on body and soul. Failing to relax adequately leads to stress-related complaints such as headaches, back pain, stiff muscles, pain in the neck and shoulders and other issues. And this underlines the importance of a healthy personnel policy!

(Chair) massages, motivating workshops and interactive information sessions on health and well-being are effective support mechanisms in reducing these problems. The benefits for you: increased returns and productivity, happier employees, reduced absenteeism and fewer stress-related issues are the beginning of a long list!

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