Wellness  for  Business is practitioner for “Happiness Works”

Wellness for Business is a practitioner for “Happiness Works”. The survey is based on the dynamic model of well-being developed by the New Economic Foundation (Nick Marks), for the UK Government Office of Science’s ‘Foresight Programme’. It is a measurement of happiness at with only 40 questions about each of the four elements of the dynamic model:

  • personal resources (self-confidence and resilience, vitality, personal happiness, work-life balance)
  • organizational system (job conditions, work environment, management system, social value)
  • functioning at work (sense of control, sense of progress, self-expression, relationships)
  • Experience of work (engagement, worthwhile work, positive emotions, negative emotions)

It only takes 10 minutes to complete the survey.
Advantages of this questionnaire are: instant feedback, detailed reports, confidential, comparison between teams is possible, Each participant personally gets his / her result. The results themselves remain anonymous, only the group result is submitted for analysis.
Results and possible actions are discussed together

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